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Josephine    02 February 2015 23:00
My physiotherapist encouraged me to register with Arthritis Society. My Family Doctor was impressed by Elena’s feedback and referral. With the help of the physio’s expertise, I am more able to perform day to day functions. I have recommended her physiotherapy services to my daughter and son-in-law.

Dale    01 January 2015 23:00
I have struggled with lower back pain for years and tried various treatments. I have started using laser therapy at ProHealth over the past few months and I have already noticed a definite improvement with less pain and needing fewer treatments. You are awesome! Thank you!!

Cristina U    31 December 2014 23:00
Excellent physiotherapy and massage service, very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for everything!

Irena    31 December 2013 23:00
I was impressed with the clinic’s staff’s knowledge, treatment skills and atmosphere during the services. I was referred here by my husband and can’t imagine going for the treatment anywhere else…

Vali    03 March 2013 23:00
I have been a long time patient at ProHealth Physiotherapy, and I have been treating my chronic back pain and recently, the shoulder pain after surgery. After the physiotherapist started using the cold laser treatment, it made a huge difference for my shoulder post-surgery recovery and on my back pain as well. Both my shoulder surgeon and my physiatrist doctor were glad to hear and warmly recommended me to keep going to a physiotherapy clinic that actively uses this modality.

Natalya    31 December 2012 23:00
Thank you for your service. It helps a lot and I am constantly improving. Keep doing what you are doing!

Bozena K    15 November 2009 14:59
Elena, thank you very much for your caring, compassionate and very professional physiotherapy service. I am very glad that I met you, and I would like you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed every visit.

Cristina P    15 November 2009 14:59
I have known Elena Mustata for several years and have always been very pleased with her physiotherapy expertise. I think her greatest attribute is her ability to quickly determine the problem and provide practical treatments and exercises to prevent reoccurrence. I highly recommend her treatment. She has extensive experience in physiotherapy and I trust her diagnoses and treatments completely.

The amazing thing about Elena is that she is working very consciously each time, not only the first couples of treatments. I hurt my neck and back during a car accident. Elena, my physiotherapist, was the first person who knew how to solve my problems. She showed me clearly and reassuringly exactly what to do. By following her simple advice and exercising the way that she showed me, all my pains have been improved. I can only describe her guidance and coping with my condition much more than extraordinary. She also taught me what I can do when the pain comes, what devices and procedures I can use to deal with my chronic pain in my daily life. She even helped me obtain those devices.

Elena uses various procedures: massage, hot and cold applications, ultrasound, acupuncture, exercise, gym equipments and many others. When I was very stiff and sore she gave me the possibility to go on with my life. Her treatments are very affordable, no financial pressure. I also obtained at work an ergonomic chair and wireless headsets thanks to her letters and medical advice. This would help me to get less pain while working.

People in pain may suffer depressions, as well, but she gave me hope each time, and being empathetic, she was even more than a psychotherapist to me. Now the future seems hopeful again.

ProHealth Clinic is new and modern, fully equipped and pleasant, very efficient. More than that, my physiotherapist is down to earth and she can talk in a non-jargon sort of manner so that clients become fully involved in their own treatment.

Frank Chang    15 November 2009 14:59
Elena’s effective treatment helped me tremendously in recovering from my knee surgery.

Luiza P    15 November 2009 14:59
Engaging in countless sports, running races, rope-jumping and playing games are part of a healthy child life. However, I sustained an ankle injury my physical activities were affected. I could no longer play, race or enjoy my childhood
Then, my mother found Mrs. Mustata, and with her encouraging support, professional advice, and hard and perseverant physio work, I was able to recover, and I have been able to do everything a child should do. The simple exercises and amazing therapy have helped me heal faster and effectively. Now, I am a healthy child with a healthy body.

Amtal N    15 November 2009 14:58
When I came to Elena, I had difficulties walking and sitting for a long periods of time. My legs were sore and my knees were weak and achy. After a few sessions, I started to feel better. Elena was gentle, but thorough, and kept encouraging me through my exercises. I feel much better, and have more energy after each session. She was kind and gave me motivation and strength, so I can function well, fighting with my chronic pain and weakness.

Kelly Powell    15 November 2009 14:58
After several years of repetitive movement sitting at a computer, I ignored the signs of neck and shoulder pain for too long. I got to the point where it become unbearable and performing my regular job brought tears to my eyes. My physician recommended seeing a physiotherapist for my problem.
Elena quickly diagnosed the problem and has been treating the affected areas for two months. Elena has been great in explaining the extent of my injuries and guiding me through my recovery. Elena shows a great deal of patience and care when explaining and demonstrating the exercises that I am to do to assist with my treatment. Although I still have some additional sessions to go, I feel incredible improvement. With much thanks to her guidance and dedication, I am able to continue my regular duties without the unbearable pain.

Voula Petropanagos    15 November 2009 14:58
ProHealth Physiotherapy staff provide an atmosphere of understanding and a welcoming to all who seek their help with therapy. One leaves there feeling that the best care was provided and that all questions or concerns were dealt with.

AJ Lamba    31 December 1969 23:00
Just wanted to thank Elena for her wonderful treatment and service when I was suffering with my back pain. Her exercises helped me immensely. Together with my wife and my son, we have become Elena’s permanent clients…Thank you once again.

Maria Fernanda Brum    31 December 1969 23:00
I have been a patient of ProHealth Physiotherapy since 2007.
I am very happy with the services provided, and recommend these services to anyone who needs good quality and comprehensive physiotherapy care.

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